Fianl Project: eBay Listing Page

Using the guidance below in Task 1 and the various Modules PPTs it should be easy to complete a real working eBay listing page. Here are few actions you should make sure you have followed: open an account in PayPal – Premier account might work well for you, open an account in eBay as sellers, select “Sell an Item” at an Advanced mode, fill the required fields and cut and paste your KompoZer html code into the right space in the eBay editor. Do not forget to write clear marketing messages and policies, check what others are doing in eBay and “adapt” good ideas, use eBay Labs tools to find good keywords and the right title for your listing page.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Who: 2-3 students per team – the same from Task 1
  • DO NOT SUBMIT THE LISTING PAGE YET! on the 9th in June, 2010 in class I will confirm each work or I will ask for last mdoifications – wait for my final approval, please.
  • How: after approval you will Submit your listing page to eBay, then eBay will generate a listing page link that you should transffer to me by email to; please attach the KompoZer file and in the subject of the email write: e-commerce: Fianl Project; in the body of the email write your names and your email addresses and the link generated by eBay
  • When: submission (Submit to eBay and email to me ) after my approval not earlier than 7pm on 9th in June, 2010 and not later than 12 am on 10th in June, 2010 
  • All listing pages should be runnig for 5 days

What after? Michal and I will select few/all works to be presented unformally in the class, no any special preparation is needed from your side for this aim…

New: Few Tips for Buildong eBay Listing Page

See: Few Tips for eBay Listing Page.ppt

Administrative and Contact Information

Each of the teams should coordinate their learning phase and preparation materials for the various Modules and the Final Project with Dr. Dan Gang. Dan can be reached on each of the presentation dates in-class on Wednesdays on 7-8 pm, or by email to: (please write on the email’s subject: e-commerce; if other ways of communication failed don’t give up yet…you can still try to call to Dan’s mobile phone: 0544-489123

Submitted PPT by Class Students for Modules 1-8

1. Module 1 – Software Tools

2. Module 2 – Edit with KompoZer

3. Module 3 – Photo and Video Sharing

4. Module 4 –  Blogging with

5. Module 5 – Promoting with Social Networks

6. Module 6 – Buying on eBay

7. Module 7 – PayPal

8. Module 8 – Selling on eBay

9. Module 9 – Google Adwords

10. Module 10 – Summary of the eBay Listings (Final Projects)


Task 1 – Initial eBay Listing Page

In Task 1 we start preparing the listing page for eBay. Select an Item for sell on eBay(does not have to be the final choice for now). Use the Software Tools (from Module 1) if needed, and Flickr (from Module 3) to embed a photo/s from Flickr into the eBay Page Layout using KompoZer (from Module 2). Add initial text (in English)and format it to describe the item nicely.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Who: 2-3 students per team
  • How: by email to; attach the KompoZer file and in the subject of the email write: e-commerce: Task1; in the body of the email write your names and your email addresses
  • When: until 21.4.10Postponed to 27.4.10, midnight

Remark: we see Task 1 as an essential step in working on the Final Project, as such no separate grade will be given to Task 1

Remark 2: you should make use of the eBay Page Layout. Use the  HTML file referred by the link to structure your Listing Page.


Policies and Grades

A. An updated table of team members can be found here.

B. Policy of Grades for the Modules can be found here


Projects Overview

In the first lesson the class will be divided into 9 teams. Each team’s role is to learn one of the modules appear in the list below: the team will prepare 20 minutes presentation to be presented in the class according to the presentation schedule . Later, the material that was prepared will be submitted to the course blog. We expect that each of the teams will continue supporting the rest of the students during the whole course.

List of Modules:

  1. Software Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (due date: 17.3.10)
  2. Edit with KompoZer (17.3.10)
  3. Photo and Video Sharing – Flickr, YouTube (24.3.10)
  4. Blogging with (24.3.10)
  5. Promoting with Social Networks (21.4.10)
  6. Buying on eBay (21.4.10)
  7. PayPal (5.5.10)
  8. Selling on eBay (5.5.10)
  9. SEO: Google Adwords (9.6.10)
  10. Final Project: presentation of listing on eBay(16.6.10)

For more information on the List of Modules follow the link*:
Modules Description
* Some of the details might be refined during the course


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  1. Michal Holzman says:

    Dear all,
    We have updated the KompoZer presentation.
    You can now find some useful links that can help you create your eBay listing page.

    Good luck!

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