Final Projects

June 4, 2010

Hi all,

Please see my full new message on the Projects Page in regards to the final project. Below please find some details for your convenience.

I expect to recieve from all of you the KompoZer file of the Listing Page until 8th in June, 2010. However, you are kindly asked to Submit the eBay Listing Page only after my approval on each of the projects on the 9th in June, 2010 which will be given after examination during class time. After Submit to eBay is done you will recieve a link associated with your Listing Page, which you will transfer to me by email. On the 16th some of the works will be presented unformally by you.

Best, Dan


Final Projects – Submission Date: 8.6.10, Midnight

April 30, 2010

The submission date of all of your Final Projects was set to midnight, 8.6.10. On the day after (9.6.10) each of the Final Projects will be discussed in class. Approved eBay Listing Pages will be submitted by the Teams to eBay at that date as an auction sale type for the duration of 5 days. We will make use of the final meeting class on the 16.6.10 for final presentation and summary of the auctions sales and the sales figures. A separate note will be given in regards to the format of this event later by Michal or myself.

I have added few tips for the eBay Listing Page preparation, look at Projects section.


Task 1

April 25, 2010

Hi all,

I have added, for your convenience, the html file with eBay Page Layout – give a look under Projects for the modified Task 1.


Task 1 – submission by 21.4.10

March 28, 2010

New: Task 1 was formulated and is included in the Projects section. Task 1 will serve to train yourself to create an eBay listing page. Submission deadline: 21.4.10

– Dan-

Policy of Grades for the Modules

March 24, 2010

New: The Policy of Grades for the Modules is posted in the Projects page of the course website. You are adviced to give a look.

Project Teams

March 7, 2010

An updated list of project teams is posted in the “projects” page of the course website. If you are not listed there, please come see us after class on Wednesday. If you are listed there but you dropped the class, please notify Dan Gang for the convenience of the other students.