Course Description

Electronic Commerce – 55516

מסחר אלקטרוני

Place and Time

Wednesdays, 4:30-7pm, room xxx

Syllabus (tentative)

The course focuses on three aspects of electronic commerce (eCommerce):

  1. Business view – case studies of reputation systems, social networks, etc
  2. Algorithmic view – models and algorithms that are fundamental to state-of-the-art eCommerce
  3. Technical view – “hands-on” projects, applying the various components of eCommerce

The topics of the course:

  • Discovering buyers and sellers:
  1. Buyers finding sellers: search engines (Page rank, hubs and authorities), reputation / recommender systems
  2. Sellers finding buyers: data mining (market basket model), clustering, social networks (facebook, twitter)
  • Making a deal:
  1. Introduction to game theory
  2. Introduction to auction theory
  3. Last-minute bids: eBay vs. Amazon
  4. Keyword acutions
  • Executing the deal:
  1. Cryptography
  2. Digital cash, micropayments


  • Attend (essentially) all classes
  • Lead one project module (in groups)
  • Submit a project: eBay auction page
  • Read assigned case studies
  • A written exam

3 Responses to Course Description

  1. אורון says:

    שלום מיכל
    איך נרשמים באתר לפרויקטים?
    הצגת את הרשימה הממוחשבת שבוע שעבר .

  2. michalfeldman says:

    The list is posted under the “projects” page. To request a partoicular project (in case you are not yet listed there), post a message in the projects page and either me or Dan will update the list.

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