More about exam

A few people asked me about “damping factor” and where to find it in the slides. In the set of slides that deal with search there is a problem called “fixing the problem”. It doesn’t say implicitly “damping factor”, but it explains how to compute it. Note that the computation that is explained there should be applied in every iteration of the algorithm.


4 Responses to More about exam

  1. Anat says:

    Hi Michal,
    What material should be brougt to the exam?
    Thank you

  2. michalfeldman says:

    Anything that you want. I recommend bringing the slides from class, the articles we went over and the sample questions we went over.

  3. יצחק שיפמן says:

    האם אפשר לפרסם את מרכיבי הציונים באתר?

    • יצחק שיפמן says:

      תודה על פרסום אופן החישוב,
      אך התכוונתי לבקש לפרסם טבלה, בה מפורט עבור כל סטודנט כמה הוא קיבל על כל חלק (לפי מספרי ת.ז.)

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