More on exams

July 29, 2010

Appeals can be submitted within 10 days of the grade publication.


Final grades Posted

July 21, 2010

The final grades are now posted. The grade is composed of 25% for the module, 30% for the project, and 45% for the exam.

Collaborative Filtering Slides!

July 1, 2010

Hi all,

There was a problem with the fonts of the Collaborative Filtering presentation. I have replaced the PPT with a more readable one, yesterday. One of the students brought to my attention that I have put a bit different PPT  (Pearson and Cosin distance functions)  instead of what was presnted in class. Now I have corrected that and it should be aligned with what was given in class.

Best to all and good luck!


More about exam

June 27, 2010

A few people asked me about “damping factor” and where to find it in the slides. In the set of slides that deal with search there is a problem called “fixing the problem”. It doesn’t say implicitly “damping factor”, but it explains how to compute it. Note that the computation that is explained there should be applied in every iteration of the algorithm.


June 26, 2010

Hi all, here is some info about the upcoming exam. First, there will be 5 questions, out of which 4 will include computations of topics we covered in class, and one will be more conceptual. Second, I do not have sample exams, so I cannot help you with this. The best you can do is go over the various topics we covered in class, and make sure you understand how to apply them. Also, go over the sample questions we did in class. All the best, Michal.

Final Projects

June 4, 2010

Hi all,

Please see my full new message on the Projects Page in regards to the final project. Below please find some details for your convenience.

I expect to recieve from all of you the KompoZer file of the Listing Page until 8th in June, 2010. However, you are kindly asked to Submit the eBay Listing Page only after my approval on each of the projects on the 9th in June, 2010 which will be given after examination during class time. After Submit to eBay is done you will recieve a link associated with your Listing Page, which you will transfer to me by email. On the 16th some of the works will be presented unformally by you.

Best, Dan

Postponing reading assignment

May 25, 2010

Facebook reading assignment is postponed till June 8. Those of you who have already read the article – great! those who did not – you still have some time to complete the reading.